Pregarica 150 mg (Pregabalin)

Pregarica 150 mg (Pregabalin)
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Pregarica 150mg

Price for 30 tabs , by Healing Pharma

is used to treat pain caused by nerve damage due to diabetes or to shingles (herpes zoster) infection. It may also be used to treat nerve pain caused by spinal cord injury. This medication is also used to treat pain in people with fibromyalgia. It is also used with other medications to treat certain types of seizures (partial onset seizures).

Pregarica 150  comes as a capsule to take by mouth. It is usually taken with or without food two or three times a day.

Take Pregarica  at around the same times every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand Pregarica may help control your symptoms but will not cure your condition. It may take several weeks or longer before you feel the full benefit of Pregarica 150.

Continue to take Pregarica 150 even if you feel well. Do not stop taking Pregarica 150 without talking to your doctor, even if you experience side effects such as unusual changes in behavior or mood. If you suddenly stop taking Pregarica 150, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, including trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, or seizures. Your doctor will probably decrease your dose gradually over at least one week.

Side Effects:
DrowsinessDry mouth, constipation, difficulty concentrating, swollen arms/legsDifficulty ConcentratingDizzinessSwollen arms/legs, and weight gain may occur

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