Dianabol Injectable

Liquid Dianabol or Methandienone Injectable Steroids For Sale - Top Anabolic Effect Steroid - Few brands available.

Anajet 10 ML [50mg/1ml] by Meditech

Anajet 10 ML [50mg/1ml] by Meditech

This is a water based injectable Dianabol, which dramatically increase protein synthesis, muscle str..

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The #1 Bodybuilding Product on the Market: Get Lean, Get Stronger, Have More Energy! Tons of super athletes men worldwide are using Methandienone Shots to achieve their fitness goals. It has a small effect on cholesterol levels and is not toxic to the liver. Methandienone Injectable is a steroid with mild to medium side effects that is available in liquid form.

If you want to build mass, improve your muscle hardness and density, or increase your weight, this is the product for you. Methandienone Injectable is an anabolic steroid that's been used by athletes for a long time. Users report significant gains in muscle size and strength. With this product, the user will only need to inject once a week

- Main Side effects :

    - Gyno or "Bitch Tits"
    - Water retention