Enandrol Balkan 10ml

Enandrol Balkan 10ml
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Testosteron Enantat Balkan 

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~ Active substance: enanthate testosterone

~ Anabolic: 100

~ Androgen: 100

Manufacturer: ORIGINAL BALKAN PRODUCT. Moldavia

 ~ Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid with a long-lasting effect, which guarantees a lasting action on the body. Depending on the metabolism and the condition of the hormonal system, the duration of action of the preparation is 2-3 weeks but the major priority is aT. Enanthate is the fact that its active chemical substance with a strong pronounced androgenic effect also has an intense anabolic effect. So any athlete can use his help to add strength and weight in a minimum of time. The rapid and considerable increase in weight is correlated with the considerable retention of water in the body. A pleasing effect is the increase in strength while retaining fluids in the body.

Athletes taking Testosterone Enanthate talk about a strong "pumping" effect during training, this "steroid pumping" occurs after increasing blood volume and supplying the body with oxygen and a significant amount of erythrocytes in the blood. The person taking mega doses of Testosterone Enanthate feels intense "pumping" in the thighs and calves, even when climbing stairs. The administration of Testosterone Enanthate is effective for those who have problems with the joints, for those who complain of pain and cracks in the shoulders, as well as for those who show the first symptoms of spinal disc wear.

Testosterone is a powerful hormone with many potential side effects, much of it due to the fact that testosterone tends to be completely converted to estrogen, there may be a risk of gynecomastia. Testosterone Enanthate has a strong effect on the arch "hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles", as an adverse reaction the activity of the pituitary gland decreases, which negatively influences the generation of testosterone itself.

In order to increase muscle mass Testosterone Enanthate combines well with Anapolon, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin and Parabolan. Testosterone Enanthate is used in mass accumulation cycles, combines with any type of product intended for mass accumulation, generates results even if administered alone.

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