Stanozolol 100 mg/ml by LA Pharma

Stanozolol 100 mg/ml by LA Pharma
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Stanozolol LA Injection [100mg/10ml, LA Pharma]

Winstrol known as Stanozolol is a man-made steroid. It is used usually in cutting cycles. It is known by increasing weight gain and exercise performance. The main benefit of this drug is that is not retaining water. Winstrol selectively burns fat, but is retaining the protein. Winstrol usually is used 2 to 3 months before the competition. It could be detected in your body if you are using 2-3 weeks before analysis checking. Winstrol usually is taken for 3-4 weeks, than it could be replaced with other drugs, such as Anavar, Masteron. At the end some bodybuilders add Clomiphene Citrate to prevent the suppression of testosterone in wash out period.

Benefits of Stanozolol:

·         Dry and defined muscles

·         Impressive strength gain

·         No water retention


·         Active Life  - 2 days

·         Average Dose  - 30-80 mg/daily

·         Aromatization - No

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