Undecanoate 250 by Dragon Pharma

Undecanoate 250 by Dragon Pharma
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Produced by Dragon Pharma, Undecanoate is an ester of testosterone. An anabolic androgen is still generally being involved by clinical professionals to treat hypogonadism in guys. It is accessible in 10 mL vial (250 mg/mL) bundling with a worldwide conveyance administration. It is a sluggish acting ester of testosterone and numerous weight lifters are involving it for developing muscles during their building cycle. Since it is an anabolic androgen, it speeds up the muscle development interaction and when piled up with other anabolic steroids, the outcomes are great and moment. As this medication is in an injectable arrangement, it is vital to counsel a medical services professional who can manage the dose for you cleanly. Post-cycle treatment is totally required after a pattern of undecanoate to reestablish the regular degrees of testosterone.


As an extraordinary expansion to your pre-challenge steroid cycle, recorded underneath are the advantages of Undecanoate:

  • More grounded Muscles And Bones.
  • Expanded Energy
  • Better Rest
  • Further developed Heart Wellbeing
  • Better Sex And Moxie
  • Inhabitation Of Catabolism.
  • Further developed Hair Development
  • Sped up Muscle Development.
  • Nitrogen Maintenance In Muscles.
  • Expanded Red Platelets Creation.
  • Further developed Execution And Strength.
  • More honed Mental Capabilities And Memory
  • Further developed Muscle Gain And Muscle Tissues.


The suggested measurements for Undecanoate is 250-500 mg each week relying upon the testosterone levels of the client. To that end it is fundamental to set your blood work done up to consume a protected dose of this ester of testosterone. Assuming the measurement is botched, serious aftereffects can be fostered that will think twice about client's wellbeing. This medication is completely not really for females because of its androgenic and non-aromatizing properties.

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