Testoviron Depot 20 Amps by Bayer

Testoviron Depot 20 Amps by Bayer
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Testoviron Depot, by Bayer

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Package: 20 Amps / Box Chemical Content: Testosterone Enanthate 250mg Manufacturer: Bayer Schering Pharma


● Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Enanthate
● Average Dose: Men 250-1000 mg/week
● Active Life: 15-16 days
● Water Retention: Yes, high
● Aromatization: High
● Liver Toxic: Low, except in mega dosages

Testosterone enanthate constitutes an injectable steroid that is oil based and is known as a powerful steroid. After using Testosterone Enanthate Iran, there have been reports of success among sportsmen of having goals at each end of the cycles. They also expect to gain in mass and strength or lose fat and after taking Testosterone enanthate, each Testoviron Depot will make these objectives doable.

In terms of an actual injection schedule, most users inject testosterone enanthate two times per week. But some users administer the compound just once a week or choose to inject several times per week. The more frequently a user injects, the more stable the blood levels of the compound will be, assuming that the doses are equally distributed and of the same amount

Its potency to the human body is around 15 days. Bodybuilders who are taking Testosterone Enanthate Iran but who intend to join in competitions must be careful; the detection time for this drug is three months. This drug may be mixed with any injectable or oral or compound. A lot of bodybuilders prefer this just like Anadrol or Dianabol and the injectable Deca or Equipoise. Those who seek better quality, Testoviron Depot gets good report of experiences with the stacking test in enanthate Trenbolone. Sportsmen prefer the Deca.

The recommended Testoviron Depot dosage of Testosterone enanthate is from 250mgs to 1000mgs per week. Female bodybuilders and athletes, however, are not encouraged to take this because it is a combined androgenic and anabolic supplement. Testosterone enanthate Testoviron Depot give good results; the higher the dosage taken, the more amazing the results will be.

There are side effects that have been associated with the drug:

● acne
● Hair-loss
● Prostate enlargement
● Decrease in the production of natural hormones
● Excessive water retention

Due to suppression of natural testosterone levels, testicular atrophy may also occur in some individuals. To avoid these adverse reactions, take the ancillary drug like the Proviron, Nolvadex or a Testoviron Depot anti-aromatase dry compound like Arimidex, Testosterone Enanthate Iran Femara, or Aromasin.

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