Stanox by Malay Tiger

Stanox by Malay Tiger
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Stanox-10 Stanozolol 100 x 10 mg by Malay Tiger


StanoX-10 is perhaps the most broadly utilized oral anabolic steroid. It welcomes on while not enormous, yet thick and enduring expansions in bulk. A lot more noteworthy is its capacity to increment strength. Also, to that end StanoX-10 is taken fundamentally by strength competitors, jumpers and runners. Jocks lean toward the capacity of this readiness to welcome on muscle hardness and its capacity to work on the impacts of other anabolic steroids. It causes an expansion in the quantity of red platelets, which can be seen in an outstanding and unnecessary veiny vascular look and siphon sway during preparing. For better utilization of the substance, Stanozol is prescribed to be taken with different substances: Sustanon-250, Metaxon-10, Metaxon MIX, Decanol-200 and Propionate-100.

Side effects

Chance of skin inflammation, balding, hair development, sharp expansions in LDL cholesterol levels, smothers regular creation of androgenic chemicals, hepatotoxicity impact


Oral stanozolol is dosed in the reach from 40 to 80 mg everyday for men and 10 - 20 mg day to day for ladies. Since it is hepatotoxic, its nonstop use isn't suggested for over about a month and a half. It is likewise noticed that the utilization of oral stanozolol is around 20% less proficient; as opposed to the infusion of stanozolol applied intramuscularly. Recognition of this substance is around 50-60 days.

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