Proviron by Hutech

Proviron by Hutech
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Proviron by Hutech, 100 tabs 25mg

MESTEROLONE is utilized to treat intensity issues, barrenness, and diminished physical and mental sharpness in a maturing man because of diminished androgen development. An oral androgen doesn't aromatize to estrogen. It doesn't invigorate the body to deliver testosterone, however it can go about as an oral androgen substitute to make up for the absence of normal male androgen. It is appropriate for the treatment of all conditions brought about by an insufficiency of endogenous androgen development without hindered spermatogenesis. It is compelling as an enemy of aromatase in the body, forestalling or easing back the transformation of androgens to estrogens. Mesterolone 25 is very much endured by the liver. CAS Number: 1424-00-6. Dose: 50 tablets/box. The bundle has been changed.

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