Mass 450 by Hutech

Mass 450 by Hutech
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Mass 450 by Hutech

Product and Laboratory: Mass 450 by Hutech Labs

Ingredients: 200mg EQuipoise, 200mg Deca-durabolin, 50mg Npp

Form: Injection

Concentration: 450 mg/ml

Presentation: 10ml Vial (Total box 4500 mg)

Protection during treatment: Take a hepato-protective (SamaGen = Samarin) between 2 and 4 tabs per day

Pct post cycle therapy: ClomiGen (Clomid) and NolvaGen (Nolvadex) during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days

Stack: Anavar / Trenbolone / Winstrol / T3 / Clenbuterol / Growth Hormone (All Varieties)

Level: Intermediate

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