Femistra Anastrozole Oral tablets 1mg Zydus Biogen Pack of 5x10

Femistra Anastrozole Oral tablets 1mg Zydus Biogen Pack of 5x10

Anastrozole first came to be in 1995. It was developed to treat inoperable breast cancer, serving as an alternative to previous anti-estrogens that came before. Eventually word got out to athletes and bodybuilders about its effectiveness in blocking estrogen production, resulting in a popular following that continues today.

Femistra is very easy to use, and require no specific timetable as far as meals go, allowing users to take the tablet with or in between meals. When taken, these products produce a powerful anti-estrogen effect that has been shown to cut production by as much as 80% on a regular basis.

Because of this, anastrozole is a very good choice when entering a cutting or dieting phase. The anti-estrogen properties can help prevent water retention from several popular steroid choices, resulting in a more cut appearance after a mass bulking up. Other popular times to take Femistra include right before competitions, or when coming off of certain steroids that have built up estrogen during use.

We are a noteworthy supplier of Anastrozole 1mg Tablets to our prestigious clients. Processed by our vendor’s professionals using quality tested chemical compounds and modern technology in compliance with industry norms, offered tablets are used to treat breast cancer and work by cutting down the amount of the hormone called estrogen. Apart from this, we offer these tablets to our clients in varied packaging options in order to ensure their shelf life.


  • Purity
  • Safe consumption
  • Precisely formulated


  • 1 mg
  • Uses

    Femistra tablet is used in the treatment of breast cancer

    How it works

    Femistra tablet lowers the amount of estrogen (natural female hormone) produced in the body. This can lower or stop the growth of some breast cancer cells that need estrogen to grow.

    Common side effects

    Rash, Joint pain, Headache, Weakness, Joint inflammation, Nausea, Hot flushes, Osteoporosis

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