EquiTREX 350 mg/ml by Concentrex

EquiTREX 350 mg/ml by Concentrex
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Equitrex 350, Concentrex 10 ML [350mg/1ml] | Equitrex (Boldenone) is an androgenic supplement that is known as drug. The administration route of that product is intramuscular. The half-life of that product is about 14 days. The molecular mass of that product is 286.409 g/mol. This steroidal drug gets melt at 165-329 degrees centigrade.

The most important function of that product is that it is involved in the increased level of the stimulation of the androgenic receptors and thus is involved in the nitrogen retention and the appetite and is involved in the increased protein synthesis.

Uses related to that product

The most important uses of that product are mentioned as follows:

  • This product is involved in the increased rate of body muscle growth and protein synthesis that is the main reason that this product is very much important among the bodybuilders and among the athletes.
  • The half-life of that product is 14 days thus this product can remain into the body and could be effective in a very small amount into the body.
  • This product is also involved in the medical treatments as this is involved in the boost up of the RBCs production.

Side effects related to that product

The use of this product is safe if it is according to the recommendation but when its uptake is increased for better results than its use may lead to the various side effects. This androgen product is involved in the

  • Water retention in the body
  • Prolonged ejection
  • Increased desire for sex
  • Aggressiveness
  • In males, this may also be involved in infertility
  • Acne
  • Osteoporosis
  • jaundice


  • When someone thinks about its intake they must consult with the doctor about its dosage and must tell about your medical history. Mostly, the dose which is recommended to the professional athletes and bodybuilders is between 200-400 mg per week but its side effects vary in various situations.
  • For beginners, the dose recommended is 50mg per day after that this amount is increased.
  • The amount which is recommended varies among individuals and depends upon the purpose of its use like either it is being used for the medical purpose or for the bodybuilding purpose and also depends upon the user as the user is male, female or children and upon their tolerance ability.


The most important thing to notice is the amount of dosage intake, the amount must be according to the recommendation and should not exceed. Overdosage may lead to the side effects lead hepatotoxicity and in severe cases; it may lead to the breathing problem. In such a situation immediately contact your doctor.

Tell him or her about your medical-related issues in the past or present as well as about the allergies you have maybe this product have the allergen as its inactive component and could be very harmful for the user. This product is not recommended during pregnancy as its use leads to defects in the infants, this product has very harmful side effects if it uses not according to the prescription of the doctor.

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