DEBO TEST by Malay Tiger

DEBO TEST by Malay Tiger
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DEBO TEST- 400 by Malay Tiger


DEBO TEST-400 invigorate the hunger in far more prominent degree than some other anabolic steroids. In light of the estrogenic and progestagenic nature of these mixtures, DEBO TEST-400 is reasonable for mass-adding, strength-acquiring cycles and building cycles where mass option is the essential objective.

Side effects

Progestogenic aftereffects are practically indistinguishable from Estrogenic incidental effects, and they include: serious endogenous Testosterone creation closure/concealment, gynecomastia, water maintenance and upgraded pace of fat stockpiling. In this way it is prescribed to utilize the counter prolactin and hostile to aromatase drugs.


The measurements of 400-800 mg of DEBO TEST-400 per week which is normally required each fourth day to keep up with stable degrees of substances in the body. The patterns of length no less than 10-12 weeks is adequate to deliver incredible expansions in bulk and strength.

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