CJC-1295 DAC by Deus Medical

CJC-1295 DAC by Deus Medical
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What Is Tetrasubstituted 30-amino Corrosive Peptide Chemical:

This peptide is from the GHRH class, DAC represents Medication Liking Complex, with this change, it is feasible to altogether expand the half-existence of the compound, so that with only one application, keeping up with elevated degrees of GH and IGF-1 for a few days is conceivable.

Instructions to Utilize:

Because of its long half-life, we will just need to apply it 1-2 times each week (or even 1 time like clockwork, yet in a perfect world I would suggest an organization recurrence of 2 times each week).

Considering the information from the clinical preliminaries, the dosages to be utilized for this medication would be (at any rate) 15-30mcg/kg/week. In working out arrangements the dosages that are normally utilized are 2000-5000mcg each week.

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